Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I am up to...

In her last post, Wendy asked : “What about the rest of you?”

Well, the rest of me is waiting for the release of Of Wind and Sand, the (forever delayed) English version of my novel Terre des Autres. It was supposed to be released in the fall, then winter, and now Edge’s website says April. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Meanwhile, if you check the Edge link below, you’ll be able to read the first chapter (really, the prologue) of the novel.

best part of me is on sabbatical this year, which means that I’m writing. Fiction, theory, and a textbook. And reading. And pondering. And working late at night!

In the last months of 2008, I prepared a French version of the research on which I had based my paper published in
Queer Universes. It’s not really a translation, more of an updated version of a work in progress. The French title is “Sexualité, échange de pouvoir et science-fiction: Une étude SMiotique de quelques textes de science-fiction québécoise” “Sexuality, power exchange and science fiction: An SMiotic study of a few pieces of québec science fiction”] and the article has been published in Voix plurielles.

I have also been writing fiction, and my novel
Sagapolis (working title) has been sent to the publisher a few weeks ago. They have just told me they were finished reading it (yep, they are quick!), but they have not commented it yet. Wish me good luck!

Right now, my main concern is the paper that I will be presenting this summer at the Colloque de Cerisy (France) on science fiction. The theme of the conference is
Comment rêver la science-fiction à présent? [How to dream science fiction today?], and my paper (of course, I should say), will be on Élisabeth Vonarburg’s fiction.

And that’s all for now, folks.

Terre des Autres on Alire’s website:

Of Wind and Sand on Edge’s website:

“Sexualité, échange de pouvoir et science-fiction : Une étude SMiotique de quelques textes de science-fiction québécoise” in Voix plurielles :

The Cerisy conference Comment rêver la science-fiction à présent?:


  1. I can't wait to read it!

  2. Moi aussi. How exciting! And the academic work sounds great, too.

  3. Thank you both for being so supportive :-)

  4. Sylvie, speaking of papers (and I am sorry this is nearly a month after you posted!) I have just written my BA thesis on Of Wind and Sand (ok 1/3 of the paper is on Of Wind and Sand). The title of the paper is Forced Freedom: An Exploration of Sexual Science Fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel (prepublication copy courtesy of the publisher) and can't wait to read another translated novel of yours!

    C. L

  5. Christina, I just saw your post (haven't visited the blog for a while, and must have missed it last time I came). Thanks for working on my novel. I just love the phrase "forced freedom" in your title. Do you think you could send me a copy of your dissertation?