Monday, October 19, 2009

Feminization of Science Fiction and Fantasy?

by Sylvie BĂ©rard

I just came across this link, that made me jump: The Feminization of Science Fictiom (and Fantasy). According to Whiskey, author of the article, women have been changing science fiction to a point that it has become almost unrecognizable and, well, it is not that it is bad science fiction per se but... and blahblahblah... (*sigh*). Maybe the author just wanted to be polemical, but he is also being very misogynistic in his text.

I do not have time to respond right now and not even to summarize the article, but I wanted to share this enlightening piece of prose, and my perplexity (to say the least), with you.

Oh, and those of you who are on Facebook can go read Bitch Magazine's reaction to it:
The Spearhead on Sci-Fi: NO GIRLS ALLOWED!